3D Tattoo of Eyebrow / Microblading

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We work with the 3D handshake in the skin's top layers - Epidermis and make a cosmetic tattoo that lasts up to 2-3 years.

By working only in the top layer of skin, with a cut of as little as 1 mm depth, we minimize the risk of scarring in the skin.


Before your tattoo we recommend that you book a consultation. At a consultation we will also know what you have for your wishes. We paint your brows together to determine the shape.

In menstruation or ovulation you can bleed more and be more sensitive.


We work with cold / ash colors as we feel that these usually get the best and more natural. Warm colors are easy to beat against red / pink / orange after a while. All colors we work with are approved and registered in Sweden at the Swedish Medicines Agency.


We start by cleaning the treatment area. Then the following steps follow:

  • We draw a form we agreed with a black pencil. We will correct and adjust until you are satisfied. It's good to come with self-painted eyebrows and your own pencil so we can get a hum about your wishes.
  • We go through color choices
  • The stunning is put on


The wound is open approximately 24 hours after the tattoo so that no ordinary water or makeup can be used.

After a few hours you should cook with salt (boil yourself 1 / 2 teaspoon salt and half a liter of water). Put in the fridge and cook again every day. The eyebrow should be lubricated with tattoo vaseline 4 once a day for 4 days. (Tattoo Vaseline can be purchased from us for 120 :-)

Day 4 -5, the wound corps will loosen it can look quite fun. Then you will lubricate for a few more days, but about 2 times a day. It must be a thin layer of tattoovaselin so the skin can breathe, otherwise it will not heal properly. Sun and bath should be avoided for 2 weeks. If you are on vacation, you can protect your brow with sunscreen and also have tattoo washing linens as water repellent when bathing. You should not exercise the first days after the tattoo

It is quite normal that the tattoo feels darker during the healing process than after. It is very important that you do not piss off crusts, but only bathe with salted salt. Apply a thin layer of tattoovaselin so that the skin can breathe.

You should not color your eyebrows on 48 hours before treatment and at least 7 days after.

In order for the tattoo to heal properly, it is important to follow the requirements for aftercare. After the first treatment, 30 - 50% disappears from the color of the healing process, and if you get rid of the aftercare, almost everything can disappear. The result then becomes a stressful return visit.

Pregnancy and tattooing

Pregnancy can do eyebrow attrition, but this after you pass week 12-13 as there are so many other risk factors. Ask your barmorian if the anesthesia is ok as it contains lidocaine. If you can not take Lidocaine for your midwife, you can buy an embla patch at the pharmacy and sit for an hour before your visit.

How long does the tattoo last?

This is very different because it depends on the skin, care, age, stress, etc.

After the first tattoo, we will book you on a return visit within 6 weeks. This visit is included in the price. The return visit is made because approximately 30 - 50% color disappears after the first tattoo. After that, every 6 month is reached every other year every three years.


3500: - New set of brows
1000: - Re-visit before 6 months
1400: - Re-visit within 1 years
3500: - From 2 years

The visit prices are for our customers only.

If you have done tattoo elsewhere, you will always have to pay a new set of brows first.