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A porcelain veneer / shell veneer is made to be able to change the shape, color or position of the tooth. You can either build a veneer in composite material directly in the mouth, or make a porcelain veneer that is manufactured by us with CadCam or dental techniques and then glued to the tooth. A porcelain facade is a little stronger and thus better if you e.g. want to make the tooth longer. The type of facade that is best for you is decided by the dentist. The difference between a porcelain crown and a shell veneer is that a crown goes around the entire tooth while a shell veneer consists of a thin shell that is glued to the outside of the tooth. If you have very worn teeth, you make No-prep veneers, ie shell veneers without grinding on teeth, see photo below. Here you see the end result in the top photo.


The advantage of a facade is that you only need to grind the tooth to a small extent. It is the dentist who decides if a crown or facade is best for you. In both cases, the result is very natural and neat. Color and shape are determined together with the patient. It may also be good to visit the dental technician. We only work with experienced, Swedish dental technicians.