Price list

The price depends on what action you need to make.

We focus on quality, handling and service. We are not the cheapest but affordable!

In order to provide a correct cost proposition, we first make an inquiry and according to the patient's needs and wishes, a cost is included.

In addition, several companies have signed an agreement with Tandaxessen. This gives their employees even lower prices. Consult your manager or staff manager if your company has signed an agreement!

You are very welcome to contact us for further information.

Below is a simplified price list of the most common treatments.


1085 DKK

Polishing and easy tartar removal in connection with examination

496 DKK


1 270 kr-1 570 kr

Treatment with Air Flow

750-1 285 kr


1 area: 555 – 1750 kr

2 surfaces: 1 050-2 525 kr

3 surfaces: 1 660-2 915 kr

plastic Crown

3 500 SEK

Root Canal

1 channel: 4 118 kr

2 channels: 4 740 kr

3 channels: 6 070 kr

4 channels: 7 125 kr

Supplement to complicated root anatomy 990- 1 590 SEK

Bed rail

3 900 SEK

home Bleaching
The home remedy means that you get thin rails tailored to your teeth. These are then filled with fading gel and carry out the bleaching. You choose whether to fade during the daytime or at night. Home accumulation is a bleaching where you have freedom and control over the bleaching process. Braiding with rails: 3 500 kr (bleaching gel is added)
Clinic Bleaching
A clinic bleaching takes place at Tandaxessen. It takes about two hours and is a quick and effective way to get your white smile.
Clinic Bleaching with Brilliant Smile: 4 200 kr


 Clinic Bleaching with Brilliant Smile + Rails for Remaining: 5 500 kr

laser Bleaching

3 500 SEK

Laser removal of fibromyalgia / skin change

5 00-3 500


5 600-7 600 kr

 Veneer / crown

8 600 SEK


A tooth

22 000-28 000 kr


At Tandaxessen we primarily use two types of dental scaffolds. These are called Inman Aligner and Invisalign respectively. Both are removable dental racks - modern treatments that provide optimal results on the patient's condition. Inman Aligner is used for smaller crowding in the front. Invisalign is an invisible dental position used when multiple teeth have to be moved. Cost
Inman Aligner has a cost image from 20 000-25 000 ex VAT
Invisalign has a cost picture from SEK 40–00 ex VAT